16 Nov 2023
5 Kitchen Design Trends of the Year, Kaz Carpentry & Cabinet Makers

The kitchen is where the real magic in a house happens – it turns a house into a home. Getting kitchen design right is an art form. You don’t get your kitchen renovated every day. But when you do – you want it to look trendy, up to date (even if you prefer old fashioned country style looks) and reflect your personality. Kitchens also need to be functional. Small kitchens and tight spaces need to have the same functionality as large ones despite space constraints and fit in similar appliances. The best kitchen design trends incorporate functionality and design and tend to stick around a lot longer than passing fads – so your kitchen looks ‘with it’ for years after it’s renovated. Read on for the top kitchen design trends that are sure to stick around.

  • White Kitchens with a Difference

You want anywhere that food is prepared to look hygienic. What’s cleaner looking than white? While all-white, monochromatic kitchens were a huge design trend for a while, people have started to realise that they might look a wee bit too clinical. Enter the almost-white kitchen trend. You can do this by accessorising your white kitchen by adding pops of colour for character and warmth. Try adding darker counter tops or refurbishing some of your cabinetry in different colours. Cabinetry in warmer whites or taupe keep the white kitchen vibe going while adding warmth. You can also consider butcher block countertops to break up sterile whites.

  • Larders, Breakfast Bars, and Butler’s Pantries

We love functional design. And there’s nearly nothing more functional than hidden storage in kitchens. The incorporation of larders, breakfast bars, and butler’s pantries into kitchen design is one of the smartest trends we’ve seen in a long time. Larders are like walk-in closets for your kitchen. They are a great place to hide tinned goods, stockpiles of packaged food, rarely used appliances, and a whole lot more.

Butler’s pantries allow you to tuck away unsightly aspects of a kitchen like a prep sink, the dishwasher, or act as a to store dry goods. You can also turn a butler’s pantry connecting a kitchen and dining room into a wet bar with a mixologist’s station.

For those with smaller spaces, a clever breakfast bar with sockets for appliances can help you secret away things you use everyday like your coffee machine, kettle, toaster, and cereal boxes while keeping them handy.

  • Bold Backsplashes

A great way to add functionality, design, and oodles of character to a kitchen space is by adding bold and colourful backsplashes. Gone are the days when backsplashes were limited to boring looking tiles. Today’s backsplashes really add that ‘wow factor’ to kitchens. Think of mosaics, herringbone patterns, or even single slab backsplashes that extend all the way up to the ceiling to give your kitchen a sense of height. There are solutions for renters too – wallpaper designed to be waterproof and stainproof can give you the effects you desire. It’s easy to remove too if you decide to move.

  • Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands have been a huge trend, especially since people started working from home during the pandemic. A survey by Houzz found that one in five homeowners said that their primary activity at their kitchen islands was work. Since kitchen islands are being used for work in addition to food prep and family-style meals, they are becoming larger than ever! Lighting above the islands has become a key feature too. However you decide to use your kitchen island, you will never regret having that extra countertop space in your kitchen!

  • Arches and Rounded Shapes

There’s something organic and beautiful about arches and rounded shapes. Adding curved edges to counters and islands is a simple way of softening the design scheme of a kitchen. Arches in the doorways to your kitchen, larder or butler’s pantry make them look soft and inviting while arched windows and glass cabinetry all add to that natural feel. A large archway can also help delineate your open-plan kitchen area from the rest of your living space while keeping the flow of a large modern space.

Kitchen Remodels with Kaz Carpentry

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