Customizable Kitchens

We design and create unique, customizable kitchens that fit any budget. From your dream kitchen to a renter-friendly kitchen that is easy to clean and fix, Kaz Carpentry provides excellent quality remodelling and finishing services for a great price.

What are the benefits of custom cabinets over pre-made cabinets?

Custom cabinets have numerous benefits compared to pre-made kitchen cabinets. They maximize storage and utilization by being designed specifically for your space. Custom cabinets give you complete control over the design process, allowing for a unique look. They also offer versatility with a wide range of accessories to enhance functionality, such as beautifully crafted kitchen countertops. With Kaz, you can create a custom kitchen that works better for you and increases the value of your home. You can choose high-quality materials and hardware that align with your preferences and budget, including environmentally friendly options. Custom cabinets add value to your home as they are built to last. Working with a kitchen designer ensures efficient completion of the project.

Modern Kitchen Remodelling, Kaz Carpentry
Modern Kitchen Cabinet Remodelling, Kaz Carpentry

Outstanding quality for a fantastic price

Why Choose Kaz:

Kaz Carpentry offers various services, such as free quotes, unlimited design changes, and shop drawings. They also create elevations and 3D renderings to bring your vision to life. Their cabinets are cut and assembled in-house by skilled professionals using top-quality materials, ensuring top-quality craftsmanship and competitive pricing. We offer a lifetime warranty on all hardware.  When working with Kaz, your primary contact is the owner, ensuring you receive the best customer service experience possible. With their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, Kaz Carpentry is an excellent choice for all your cabinetry needs.

Your one-stop-shop for all your remodelling and renovating needs

We can make any changes needed to make your dream kitchen work. We are engaged with the project from start to finish, ensuring the highest quality tools and materials are used.

From a client’s perspective, you interact with the people who own the company and do the work themselves, meaning that we can make on-the-spot decisions, cutting out waiting for an answer.

Modern Kitchen Remodelling, Kaz Carpentry
Modern Kitchen Remodelling, Kaz Carpentry

Award-winning service in the London area

Kaz Carpentry has won first place (platinum) twice with London Community Votes. London Community Votes. Our work speaks for itself and has been featured in Our Homes Magazine.