We specialize in creating custom pieces that combine style with functionality. Your one-of-a-kind designs start with full shop prints and end with your perfect vanity. Bring your imagination to life, transforming your surroundings into a personalized masterpiece.

Why Choose Kaz:

  • Free Quote
  • No limitations to design changes
  • Countless colour options
  • Made custom to fit any space
Custom Vanity, Kaz Carpentry
Custom Vanity, Kaz Carpentry

Created specifically for your space

Tailored to fit your space and your needs, we can create any design, ensuring that there is no unnecessary space. We believe that true beauty lies in the details. Our customization options allow you to add your personal touch to every aspect of your custom vanity.

Award-winning service in the London area

Kaz Carpentry has won first place (platinum) twice in a row with London Community Votes. Our work speaks for itself and has been featured in Our Homes Magazine.

Custom Vanity, Kaz Carpentry